Click here to hear directly from Aarti about how she ‘found her voice’, ‘reclaimed her power’ and the remarkable way she was able to completely transform her career as a result (including how she was able to co-create a new position for herself and get a salary of $30,000 more than was offered, an incredible benefits package with additional vacation days, and more).

– Aarti R. – Senior Technology Leader, Banking

‘Thank you so much for your generosity, time, wisdom and expertise! I so appreciate your guidance more than you know! ‘

– Michelle R., Vice President, Harpo Studios  

‘Sharissa is a remarkable career coach! She provided tools and a new way of thinking that shaped my perspective and helped me become a more effective leader in my job. She pushed my thinking so that I was able to dimension out my unique strengths, leverage them, and ultimately gain confidence. it’s a journey but I went from confused to clear, from frustrated to happy!’

– Barbara Jo G. – Vice President, Victoria’s Secret

‘I had the pleasure of working with Sharissa in one of her 1 Hour Strategy Sessions. It was refreshing to talk with someone so passionate, dedicated and eager to guide professional women to look within and to find and follow their true passion. Sharissa’s passion comes through the phone as she is able to seamlessly guide you toward a path of action. I look forward to her continued guidance and inspiration.’

– Lisa R.

‘Thanks to Sharissa I finally received a positive response interviewing. I had been knocked down and spiraling with depression and anxiety. Stuck in a very dark place self-medicating for what seemed forever. Shortly before Sharissa called me, I had crawled into bed trying desperately to shut the world out. Sharissa listened to me babble and provided some direction. In taking her advice, I was able to get out of bed and do something. The next morning, I did as she asked. I practiced being positive and what I could say. The interview was only with HR but they are forwarding my resume to the director. I can’t thank Sharissa enough and look forward to continuing to work with her once I land this position.’

‘Thank you – the interview with HR went well.   She is forwarding my resume to the director for review and possibly scheduling a phone interview with him. Your feedback about enthusiasm made all the difference.’

– Victoria C.

Sharissa helped me prepare for a very difficult series of interviews for a new job opportunity. The competition for the job was intense and the interviews were with five senior leaders of the company. She helped me be laser-focused on my messaging.  She listened intently to my answers to her probing questions and gave me positive, targeted feedback. Sharissa helped me put the finishing touches on my preparation. I was able to walk into the interviews with confidence and my messaging resonated with the interviewers. 

– Katharine H.

‘I have great news! I received an offer today for the position I interviewed for. They even met my salary requirements no questions asked. I am super excited for the opportunity and I do believe your guidance and a lot of prayer did help me to get this result!’

– Amy F.

‘Its been wonderful experience where you helped me to un-earth my potential in that 2 hours you spent with me. I like the way you summarized the discussions and iterating them over and over, which helped me to get more clarity on what interests me and what actions i need to take to excel in my professional career. It was truly an amazing discussion which motivates and gives energy to move ahead.  I really admire you and the work you do for women to excel. Thank you so much for you precious time that you spent with me.’  

– Abirami G.

‘It was a complete pleasure speaking with you on the phone recently. Thanks so much for the time you spent with me and even though it was an introductory strategy call, I found that call with you very special. I think your work with woman is outstanding. Since my brief call with you, I’ve had a lot more confidence on the phone calls related to my phone interviews, and more energy towards job hunting. I’ve also thought a lot about your input as it relates to procrastination vs. fear of failure, etc. All this was very insightful to hear from you. I’m very inspired by meeting you. I actually do think you are the best thing that has happened to me in 2015!You uncovered some deep things and in that short call had great tips for me that I could use the same day. Since talking to you, I’ve had a lot more stamina and endurance to get back into job hunting related calls. I’m very glad to have met you and thanks for considering me for one of the 10 women to work with! Thanks also for your encouraging energy and time.’

– Promise Z.  

‘I would like to take the opportunity to share my experience of our 2 – hour coaching session. I must say, if someone is looking for a power-packed, razor sharp focus and crisp work to achieve their goals, then here’s a big shout out for Sharissa. You are a thorough professional at work, giving lot of comfort and space during the session. It was a fabulous journey of 2 hours, which was constructive and full of brainstorming ideas to set the ball rolling for my business as a coach. Thank you so much for all your support. Wishing you many more success in future. Way to go Power-Girl!’

– Kusha K.

‘Sharissa opened my mind to things that were easy to change and that totally made sense. Not realizing it, I was blocking myself from the possibility of opportunities that I really wanted; Sharissa made me realize that things I was opposed to doing were really harmless if I wanted the opportunities I was looking for. If you are “stuck” in a way of life and/or you need more out of the life you are living, I recommend a life coach…more specifically, Sharissa. Thanks Sharissa!’  

– Yvette A.

‘I have never met such a sincere and encouraging person! Sharissa helped me to discover my potential, and made all of my goals achievable. Sessions with her helped me move closer to my personal and professional dreams. Her coaching skills and intuition surprised me every time we talk. She made me feel important, powerful and capable of conquering the world!’

– Anna P.

‘Sharissa invited me to think deeper about myself and my responses to life in each of our sessions. Her supportive validation of my circumstances helped me to release negative energy I was harboring and break through to new thought patterns. She challenged me thoughtfully, sensing how much I could move forward each session. Though some of my challenges were catastrophic to me, Sharissa remained steady and positive in all our interactions. Thanks to her encouragement and belief in me, I have been able to accept some life-changing circumstances and move on to be what I was created to be.’

– Joy H.

‘High-functioning doesn’t even begin to describe Sharissa. What is Sharissa’s focus? Helping others get clear on what –and how–they want to achieve in life. From coaching on how to find and tell your story to guiding one to master the Law of Attraction, Sharissa is a welcome curator of professional development, life balance, and career transition for mid-level & executive women. ‘

– Christina R.

‘Sharissa was absolutely amazing with her approach and delivery of her coaching sessions. She helped me gain my confidence back, which I had lost from other negative feedback. She helped me to stay positively focused on my strengths. Would recommend Sharissa to any one who has gotten lost in the corporate world and needs to regain their focus. Thank you Sharissa. ‘

– Marilyn B.

Sharissa's coaching is empowering . The amazing work I have been doing with her over a mere 3 "official" sessions thus far have been profoundly transformative. In this short time, she has already helped me to build on what I already know and has masterfully drawn out clarity and self-awareness about the personal brand that I have been, often unintentionally, cultivating throughout my life's journey. As I prepare for the next chapter in my career, she is inspiring me to be a bolder and braver "me". Her authenticity, positive energy and professionalism is truly a gift. Sharissa has motivated me to be more confident and open to the myriad of known and unknown possibilities of the future. I am eternally grateful for her sincere support, expertise and wisdom! With heartfelt passion - onward and upward! 

Michelle R.

VP of Human Resources, Harpo Studios

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Sharissa for taking the time to work with me. This has definitely been the most positive experience of my life. 

Sharissa is a kind and caring person who genuinely wants you/me to succeed. She was the catalyst that I needed to clarify my goals and focus on the path I truly wanted to follow. 

She has been so much fun to work with - I looked forward to speaking with her each week. I always felt so excited and eager after our conversations. 

She truly empowers women to see themselves for the wonderful people they really are. When given the opportunity, do not pass up a chance to work with Sharissa.

Suzanne P.

Owner, ESL On The Go

I highly recommend you consider working with Sharissa if you’re looking to get unstuck in your career. I have had the great fortune of utilizing her services and can’t rave highly enough about what she provides. If I can be of assistance or answer questions for you about my experience feel free to connect or call.

Marie G. Ph.D.

Director - Merchandising/Operations Services, 7-Eleven

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