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FREE 5 Minute Career Audit: Identify Your Biggest Barriers & The Shortcut To Unshackled Career Success

Each career persona has specific barriers holding them back from the success they deserve. Once you complete the quiz you’ll know which persona you are and how to overcome those barriers so you can level up quickly.


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FREE TRAINING: 3 Things You Must Do To Land Your Next High Paying Job

Get ready to discover exactly how to get multiple, high paying job offers FAST and make hiring managers want to hire you on the spot.

Here’s what I’ll cover…

1. How to create a magnetic resume that makes people call you instead of you having to chase them.

2. Where to look for high-paying jobs plus my 4 secret sites to find 100K plus jobs and best of all they all have a free version!

3. The top 3 most frequently asked interview questions and how you need to answer them if you want to get the job offer.

This is for you if you’re ready to find your next career opportunity and you don’t want to spend a ton of time figuring out how to land that high paying job you love.


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Success Factor Process

20 Minute Assessment + 60 Minute Debrief – $547

Are you wondering…

  • Why you just can’t seem to get ahead either at work, in your career, with your relationships, finances, or health and wellness? 

  • Why you’ve tried different things but nothing seems to work?

  • Why you feel stuck?


If any of the above applies to you, then this process will uncover exactly what’s holding you back.


The Success Factor Process numerically indexes the energetic signals you’re sending into the world that is determining how successful you are in your life (whether that be at work, in relationships, family life, finances, health and wellness, etc). It reveals in 80 minutes exactly how likely you are to get unstuck in that area of life you’re struggling with, either personally or professionally, so you can experience FULFILLMENT, BALANCE and BLISS. It uncovers your deepest subconscious thoughts, including negative talk that keeps you stuck, stressed, worried and overwhelmed and not able to get a clear vision for what you want or how to get it. In your included 60-minute follow-up coaching session, we will debrief your results and learn why you’re stuck in the same cycle, and how you can start attracting the life you WANT.


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Career Clarity Course - Discover the perfect career for you

 Do you


  • Excel at your job but it doesn’t feel like the right fit?

  • Feel stuck and frustrated in your career?

  • Wish you knew what your next step should be?

  • Fear giving up the security and compensation of your current job but you know there has to be a better job or career for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this was designed for you.


Here’s what you can expect in the course…


  • CRYSTAL CLARITY on the career that’s right for you

  • CONFIDENCE about owning and stepping into your ideal career

  • A STEP-BY-STEP  BLUEPRINT to get you from where you are now to where you want to be

  • Simple MINDSET MASTERY techniques to help you effortlessly attract the right opportunities

  • How to OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES that might be in your way (including fear and uncertainty)

  • And so much more…

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Career Success Lab - How to land your ideal job and negotiate an enviable salary and benefits

 Do you…


  • Need help creating a magnetic online profile and resume? 

  • Wish you knew how to get in touch with the right people who can help you land your dream job? 

  • Want to learn how to have rock solid confidence during the interview process?

  • Want to know how to be a master negotiator so you get the salary and benefits you deserve?


Here’s what you can expect in the course…

  • How to find the right OPPORTUNITIES
  • How to FIND THE KEY PEOPLE who can help move your career forward
  • How to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with the those key people 
  • How to LAND the job, or set up the business that’s right for you
  • How to finally feel CONFIDENT about owning and stepping into your ideal career!
  • How to NEGOTIATE the salary and package you want
  • How to perfect your MINDSET so you effortlessly attract the right opportunities
  • How to OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES that may be in your way (including fear and uncertainty)
  • And so much more…

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Ultimate Career Club - How to shine in your current career so others look to you as the example

Do you…


  • Need help standing out from the crowd?

  • Wish you knew how to position yourself for a promotion?

  • Struggle balancing your career and the life you want?
  • Want to know how to get out of overwhelm and frustration?
  • Need help strengthening your professional relationships?
  • Want to be the best leader in your organization?


Here’s what you can expect in the course…


  • How to POSITION yourself to be the best at what you do or for that promotion you deserve


  • How to HAVE ENOUGH TIME to do what’s important to you


  • The importance of taking care of YOU (your biggest asset)

  • How to finally feel CONFIDENT about owning and stepping into your ideal career!

  • How to have ENVIABLE LEADERSHIP skills

  • Why your TRIBE is so important to your career and how to find yours

  • How to perfect your MINDSET so you effortlessly experience more peace, fulfillment and joy than ever before

  • How to OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES that may be in your way (including fear and uncertainty)

  • And so much more…

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Get the help you need to have a career you love faster than you ever thought possible…


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Retreats, Seminars, Workshops, Group Coaching, Leadership Coaching And Speaking Engagements

These are customized for your needs and can include topics such as…


  • How to feel energized and excited to start each day

  • How to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Work/life balance

  • How to build and sustain high performing teams

  • The secrets to thriving professional relationships

  • How to move from stress to serenity

  • Leadership skills 

  • Finding your confidence

  • Owning your value and self-worth

  • Overcoming negativity in the workplace

  • How to become more organized and increase your productivity

  • Goal setting and time management

  • How to drive success in chaos

  • How your uniqueness can serve you


*Corporate clients include Fortune 100 companies such as Bank of America and KPMG


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Sharissa's coaching is empowering . The amazing work I have been doing with her over a mere 3 "official" sessions thus far have been profoundly transformative. In this short time, she has already helped me to build on what I already know and has masterfully drawn out clarity and self-awareness about the personal brand that I have been, often unintentionally, cultivating throughout my life's journey. As I prepare for the next chapter in my career, she is inspiring me to be a bolder and braver "me". Her authenticity, positive energy and professionalism is truly a gift. Sharissa has motivated me to be more confident and open to the myriad of known and unknown possibilities of the future. I am eternally grateful for her sincere support, expertise and wisdom! With heartfelt passion - onward and upward! 

Michelle R.

VP of Human Resources, Harpo Studios

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Sharissa for taking the time to work with me. This has definitely been the most positive experience of my life. 

Sharissa is a kind and caring person who genuinely wants you/me to succeed. She was the catalyst that I needed to clarify my goals and focus on the path I truly wanted to follow. 

She has been so much fun to work with - I looked forward to speaking with her each week. I always felt so excited and eager after our conversations. 

She truly empowers women to see themselves for the wonderful people they really are. When given the opportunity, do not pass up a chance to work with Sharissa.

Suzanne P.

Owner, ESL On The Go

I highly recommend you consider working with Sharissa if you’re looking to get unstuck in your career. I have had the great fortune of utilizing her services and can’t rave highly enough about what she provides. If I can be of assistance or answer questions for you about my experience feel free to connect or call.

Marie G. Ph.D.

Director - Merchandising/Operations Services, 7-Eleven

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