How do you shift your thoughts from negative to positive? Do you sometimes feel down, frustrated or angry and you’re not sure where these negative emotions are coming from?

Take a moment to examine your thoughts. What have you been focussing on? Are you worried about the future, a decision you have to make, a relationship that’s not going the way you want it to, or finances? Are you upset with an encounter you had with someone and can’t seem to let it go? Do you have feelings of regret and wish you hadn’t done or said something? All these thoughts and emotions have an impact on how we feel. Take a moment to ask yourself where this heaviness you feel inside is coming from and then ask what you can do to feel better. 

Here are some ideas: 

1. Think happy thoughts! Focus on things that make you happy. 

2. Write down what you’re grateful for. 

3. At the end of the day write down everything you’re proud of yourself for. For example, holding the door open for someone, completing a task you were dreading, etc. 

4. Write down what you’re worried about or can’t seem to let go of and next to it make note of what you can do about it. If there is an action that needs to be taken, resolve to take it. If the answer is nothing, make a conscious decision to observe the thought and let it go the next time it pops into your head. You can also write down the worst case scenario of what you’re worried about and how you will deal with it. Most times what we worry about doesn’t come to pass, but if we realize it’s not as bad as we may make it out to be, it’s easier to release it. Lastly, try looking at it in a more positive way. What’s a positive outcome that may come out of the situation? For example, what if my son/daughter gets a bad grade on an important test? Well, they can learn to evaluate what they need to improve on or get the help they need to do better. They will grow through failure, and they will learn that not everything will come easy but through determination and hard work they can overcome their challenges and even be a role model for others. The results of the test are probably not going to have a long term impact. 

Doing these simple exercises will help to put things in perspective. 

If you’d like further assistance, please feel free to reach out to me by clicking here.

Have an amazing Thursday!

~ Sharissa

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