Are your thoughts and actions in line with your beliefs and values? Stress and anxiety often come from a misalignment in this area. An example would be if one of your values is spending quality time with your family but your action is you work 60 or more hours a week and don’t have time. A good way to start evaluating this is to write down your core beliefs and values (in order of priority) and ask yourself if you’re living a life that’s true to who you are. If not, why not? Try to do this in a quiet place after taking a few calming, deep breaths. This will help you to get centered. To your peace and alignment!

If you find yourself constantly stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated, I would love to speak with you to see how I may be of assistance in this area. It’s time for you to live a life of passion, purpose and fulfillment where you’re excited and energized each morning!

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