Do you ever feel stuck? Maybe you’re experiencing this now. You just can’t seem to get energized either at work, in your exercise routine, or just to do what you need to do. Self-talk that begins with “I have to… ” and “I should… ” are usually signs of being stuck. Here are some ways to help get unstuck:


1. Meditation/Quiet Time – when I start to feel stuck and overwhelmed, that’s usually my cue that I’m not spending enough time doing this.


2. Spend time in nature – I did a nature walk the other day and it was so refreshing. What a great way to clear the mind!


3. Take a moment to reflect – take a pen and notepad and sit in a quiet, relaxing place. Write down the thoughts that come to mind. Write down the areas you feel stuck in and brainstorm ideas that can help clear your mind and ask yourself how you can move forward. Try not to put pressure on yourself. Just relax and note what comes to mind.


Different things work for different people. You may enjoy reading a great book at your favorite coffee shop, spending time with a pet or loved one, or maybe getting a massage to get refocussed.

Being stuck is often a symptom. It is a symptom that your life is about to change, or that a change is needed. Let yourself be in the stuckness without resisting. Shift your relationship to it by being aware without judgment. Allow yourself to enjoy new experiences without expectation.

If you need additional assistance, please click here to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Have a blessed and joyful day!


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