Many of us struggle with confidence. Making decisions confidently, going into a meeting confidently, speaking to a person of authority confidently. We often have an underlying sense of being not good enough in one area or another. Here are some quick tips to help you boost your confidence.


1. Posture

Try not to slouch. Assuming a more upright position improves your mood and energy and increases your confidence.


2. Affirmations

These are statements or declarations aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. They must be said with emotions and belief (preferably out loud), for them to be effective.


Here are a few examples:

  • I’ve got this

  • I’m a powerful presenter

  • I’m great at my job

  • I always make good decisions

  • I am unique and have a lot to offer

  • How others see me does not define me


Write some of these affirmations on sticky notes and put them on your bathroom mirror and say them out loud or quietly to yourself every morning and as often as you can. Really believe and embody the words rather than simply reciting them.


3. Relinquish control

 When you’ve done all your can to prepare say a short prayer where you declare that you relinquish control of the outcome. This helps you to reduce stress and to affirm that whatever happens happens (everything happens for a reason), and you’re able to deal with the outcome more effectively and step into a space of confidence.


4. Reflect on past accomplishments and obstacles you’ve overcome

 Create a case for success! Think of how much you’re already accomplished and been able to overcome. Make a gratitude board or keep a gratitude journal. Write down the things you are grateful for daily, or post your accomplishments on your gratitude board.This is a great confidence booster! This helps you focus on the positive and what you have going for you in your personal and professional life. It puts you in a space to attract more of what you want (such as your promotion, health and relationship goals, etc) by being grateful for what you already have.


5. Smile more

Studies have shown that smiling can lower your heart rate and increase feel good endorphins even if it’s a fake grin like in one study where scientists had people hold chop sticks in their mouths! Smiling is an excellent confidence booster, in addition to helping with self-esteem.


If you’d like to go deeper and work on what might be subconsciously holding you back from being the confident person you were meant to be so you can make this your best year yet, I invite you to check this out…

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” ~ Peter T. McIntyre.


To your career success…



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