Does this sound like you? You are ready to make this your best and most successful and fulfilling year yet but you’re not sure how to do that.

You seem to do be doing all the right things, or at least what you know, to get you moving in the right direction but for some reason you still feel stuck.

You’re wondering if this is really where you’re supposed to be long term, or if there’s something more for you.

You’re fairly happy where you are, but you can’t help but think you may be settling for just good enough.

You’re good at what you do and you have years of experience in your job but you’re starting to question whether you should invest even more time into what you’re doing, or whether you should start exploring different options.

We’ve all been in this place at one time or another in our careers.

Why do we find ourselves here? Let’s look at some reasons:


1. We rationalize. We’re good at what we do and we’ve been successful so we believe that this is where we’re meant to be for this reason alone.

2. Minimal risk. Change can be scary so we often settle for good enough rather than taking a chance on something great.

3. Security. We enjoy our steady paycheck, we’re used to the environment and we have settled for what we know.

4. Beliefs. We grow up with certain beliefs and are constantly influenced by society. We may believe that climbing the corporate ladder should be our ultimate goal, or that we need to become an entrepreneur because we grew up in an entrepreneurial family. This can be dangerous because we tend to follow the crowd not really living to our full potential.

Underlying all of this is fear.


– Fear that if we make a change, it won’t work out and it will be difficult or impossible for us to go back.


– Fear of the unknown – is it better to stick with what I know than take a chance and step into the unknown.


– Fear that our choices will not be accepted by those close to us.


– Fear of failure – it’s easier to play it safe than take a risk.


– Fear of success – what if I can’t handle the consequences of the success I may achieve by getting a promotion, changing jobs, or starting my own business.


– Fear of finding out what will bring me ultimate happiness because that will mean having to make a difficult choice.


– Fear of financial failure and not being able to take care of my family if I choose a different direction.


– Fear of what others may think – will my friends and family think I’m selfish by taking a risk and going after what I feel is right?


– Fear of not knowing what the right direction or next step is – what if I make a choice and it’s not the right one? How do I know what’s truly right for me and my family?


The only way to overcome these fears is to:


– Tap into your true self so you have the clarity you need to make the right decisions


– Understand who you are, at your core


– Be confident in the person you were created to be


– Have a high self worth


– Believe in yourself and in your ability to make great decisions


– Have the courage to take the next step with certainty


Guidance from your ‘highest self’ is key to making the right decisions with confidence and to opening the doors to those opportunities that are right for you so you can truly break free, find your passion and purpose, and step into your greatness.


Knowing this is wonderful, but how do we really do this and put it into practice in our daily lives so we reduce the stress, overwhelm and anxiety and tap into that peace, clarity and confidence so we’re living our best lives? We need to learn to access our intuition, ask the right questions, uncover and overcome our subconscious beliefs that hold us back without us even realizing it.

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Here’s what one of my clients, Michelle Rickard, VP of HR at Harpo Studios has to say…

Sharissa’s  coaching is empowering and profoundly transformative. In this short time, she has already helped me to build on what I already know and has masterfully drawn out clarity and self-awareness about the personal brand that I have been, often unintentionally, cultivating throughout my life’s journey. As I prepare for the next chapter in my career, she is inspiring me to be a bolder and braver “me”. Her authenticity, positive energy and professionalism is truly a gift. Sharissa has motivated me to be more confident and open to the myriad of known and unknown possibilities of the future. I am eternally grateful for her sincere support, expertise and wisdom! With heartfelt passion – onward and upward! ” 


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E.Cummings


Have a fantastic day!



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